Perpetual Sh#tshow 2020 Challenge Coin
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Perpetual Sh#tshow 2020 Challenge Coin

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What a year. 2020 was a mess.

You survived.   What better way to commemorate surviving this eternal nightmare than with a limited edition challenge coin!    Great for gifts for your crew, your essential workers, or anyone that had to deal with the public during this mess. 

Due to overwhelming demand, additional batches are being made. 

Orders will be fulfilled in the order received.  If we run out, and the next batch hasn't arrived yet, it may take 2-3 weeks for delivery.   Thank you for your patience!

You survived 2020 - You deserve this!

  • 1.75" Black Metal Challenge Coin

  • Color Design on Both Sides

  • Includes FREE Plastic Coin Protective Sleeve

  • Available ONLY at!


What Is A Challenge Coin?

Challenge Coins are a physical symbol of appreciation and recognition of a job well done or exemplary service. Coins are no longer exclusively used by the military. They are now very popular with schools and universities, sports and academic teams, businesses, and organizations in addition to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The highly personalized nature of custom Challenge Coins makes them the ideal for everything from a unit's achievement medal to a corporate marketing tool. They encourage teamwork and promote camaraderie as well.

Since the early 1930s, custom Challenge Coins have been used to promote friendships, strengthen bonds, and recognize success. For a nearly a century, military personnel have created personalized Challenge Coins and used them to raise awareness and funds, educate the public about pressing issues, and honor exceptional individuals within a unit in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Challenge Coin Origins

There are multiple potential origins of the challenge coin tradition.

Some say that the tradition started in ancient Rome where soldiers were give additional coins for bravery and other achievements. Some of these were stamped with different designs so that they'd have value in addition to the monetary metallurgical value and the holder would be recognized by others who saw these coins.

The most common and popular origin story is the possibly apocryphal tale of a young well-to-do lieutenant serving in the United States Army Air Service during World War 1. Upon receiving his commission, he issued his entire unit custom bronze medallions emblazoned with the squadron's emblem. Many of the pilots wore the coins in small leather pouches around their necks in a show of camaraderie.

One such pilot was shot down behind enemy lines in Germany and was quickly captured. All of his belongings and means of identification were taken from him, including his uniform. The only thing he had left was the small leather pouch around his neck. The Germans dressed their prisoner in civilian clothes so that they could move him around without him being recognized.

During the confusion of a nighttime bombardment, the downed pilot escaped and made it to a French encampment. His excitement at being reunited with allied forces was quickly tempered though. His French allies thought he might be a spy and a saboteur, since he was wearing civilian clothes and had no identification. They decided to execute him but right before they did, he produced his squadron medallion. Luckily, one of the French allies recognized the squadron insignia. The pilot's life was spared and he was eventually reunited with his squadron.