StoveTop FireStop - Cooktop Fire Suppressors - CASE of 5 Pairs
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StoveTop FireStop - Cooktop Fire Suppressors - CASE of 5 Pairs

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NOTICE:  Effective 01/01/2013, sales of StoveTop FireStop Kitchen Fire Suppressors are available only by the CASE of 5 pairs.  Each sale is special order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.   A Fireman in a Can The original, best-selling StoveTop FireStop is a small automatic fire suppressor for traditional vent hoods 27-35 inches above the cooking surface. It mounts under the vent hood using an industrial-strength magnet. StoveTop FireStop® automatic fire suppressors are the first line of defense against stovetop fires, recommended by fire chiefs and fire prevention experts. StoveTop FireStop Venthood is inexpensive, invisible, and invaluable. Cooking fires remain the number one cause of residential structure fires, with unattended cooking cited as the leading cause of these fires. With StoveTop FireStop, customers report an average of 99% reduction in fire claim costs. Please note this is a special order item and may require additional shipping time. How does StoveTop FireStop Venthood work? A pair is needed per cooktop. Center canister between front and back burner on each side of the cooktop Delivers fire-suppressing powder automatically to both front and back burners when flame activated Alerts residents with a “pop” sound How do I install StoveTop FireStop? StoveTop FireStop Venthood attaches with a magnet to the underside of the vent hood. To install: 1.     Attach the ring to the magnet and to the top of the StoveTop FireStop canister. 2.     Center each canister between the front and back burner on each side of the stove. 3.     Lift canister straight up and attach. 4.     Repeat steps 1-3 for the second canister on the other side of the stove.   Watch the StoveTop FireStop in action:   StoveTop FireStop Venthood Specifications Manufacturer’s PN 675-3 Intended Use Small, residential stovetop frying pan fires (not deep-fat frying) Activation Method Automatic, when flame reaches device Powder Dispersal Method Gravity (non-pressurized) Primary Suppression Agent Non-toxic dry powder Type of Vent Hood Traditional vent hoods Required Vertical Clearance 27-35″ between the burner and the bottom of the surface where the magnet will attach Required Horizontal Distance From Back Wall Not applicable (center one device over each side of the stovetop, between front and rear burners) Weight Canisters each weigh 12 oz. but contain 9 oz. of powder Height 3.5″ (including magnet assembly) Length 3.4″ (diameter) Width 3.4″ (diameter) Installation Method Industrial strength magnets (included) hold device to vent hood. Stainless steel fastening kit available upon request Number of Devices Needed to Cover Four-Burner Stove Two (one pair) Tests Performed Device and suppression agent tested by an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Lifetime Replace after five years from date manufactured or upon activation Testimonials: "Thank you for a wonderful product. We have 72 units here at Pecan Village Apartments. Both our Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Tech are full-time firefighters and part-time here. Your product has saved at least ten apartments from extensive fire damage and total loss of entire buildings. Our Maintenance Tech says, 'It's the best personal silent firefighter a home can have.'" — Lori Barnett Property Manager, Pecan Village Apartments, Real Property Services "A resident left a skillet burning and a fire started, but the flame was extinguished by StoveTop FireStop before too much damage could be done. This could have been a disaster in the apartment community. We are very glad that we had installed StoveTop FireStop." — Linda O'Neal Property Manager, Edgewood Drive Apartments - HSI Management Inc. "Royal American Management has been using StoveTop FireStop Automatic Fire Extinguisher in our apartments since 1994. Prior to installation of the product, we averaged a kitchen fire per month. We found that more fires occurred during the school months with school-age children fixing snacks on the stove and then leaving the burners on. Average cost of each fire was around $3,000.00. Since installing StoveTop FireStop, we seldom have kitchen fires and have calculated our cost savings from cooking fire-related losses at approximately $100,000.00. I have personally installed StoveTop FireStop in my home and would recommend this product to companies and individuals for both safety and loss control due to fires." — Bill Beaver Vice President, Maintenance Division - Royal American Management, Inc.