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Whelen Power Airhorn Amplifier and PA System

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An inexpensive supplement to your car horn sound level with a legal (in most states) air horn tone.? Delivers 100 watts of power to a 100-watt siren speaker.? Model PAP112 Power Airhorn Plus features a high gain microphone and public address capability with adjustment for PA volume. Can be wired remotely to the horn ring of the vehicle or to a (customer-supplied) switch. The same familiar airhorn sound used by Police, Fire & EMS. Sturdy amplifier housing mounts in the trunk, under the seat or other remote locations. May be used with standard 100-watt siren speakers. Draws 8 amps at 12.8 VDC. SIZE: 2 1/2" (64mm) H x 5 7/8" (149mm) W x 6 3/4" (171mm)D All products proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.