10-8 Video - Arsenal In-Car Video System (Dual Cam with Mic Pack)
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10-8 Video - Arsenal In-Car Video System (Dual Cam with Mic Pack)

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10-8 Video is proud to introduce our new 4th generation system, the Arsenal In Car Video System. Building on the unsurpassed reliability of our previous 3 generations of systems, the Arsenal In Car Video System offers Full HD recording for even greater clarity and detail!

Up to 4 channels of Simultaneous recording of both Audio & Video

Without the ability to do simultaneous recording, some other systems require the officer to choose the camera to record from. Our system records both Audio & Video from all connected cameras at the same time and synced on playback with all cameras viewable at the same time.


Built in WiFi: The Arsenal In Car Video System includes WiFi as a standard feature

This gives the system the ability to automatically log in and download videos any time the vehicle is in range of the user’s network. In addition, this also allows authorized users on the network to see each Arsenal In Car Video System on the network and see a live view of the cameras and search and pull specific recordings over the network.


Reliability of a No Moving Parts System

As in previous generations of 10-8 systems, there are no moving parts and no hard drives to fail in the Arsenal system. 10-8 Video in car systems have always been the most reliable systems on the market, with many departments still using out 1st gen systems from 7 years ago! We have always maintained a component based system is the easiest and most reliable system to use. After an easy install, should any of the 4 major components fail, it can easily be swapped out by the user in minutes! No need to schedule or pay a shop for removal and install.


128GB Capacity!

The Arsenal system max storage has been increased to 128gb. While not needed by most departments, 128gb is more than enough to last the average officer weeks of events before running into a storage issue. And the Arsenal system will never miss an event. Should the system reach its capacity, the system will start overwriting the oldest events first. This insures that any event is ever missed.


10-8 Time_Slip Feature

Almost Unlimited Pre-Record and History Review. The Arsenal system is always maintaining a video record in the background. Anytime an officer activates the system with lights, wireless mic, manually, etc.. the video record leading up to that activation is available on playback. Admin can set the system to include a brief time before the event to be a permanent part of the record, but at a later time can preview video before this record as needed.




  • Hd Recording for best playback quality
  • Pre/Post Event Recording
  • Full Auto & Manual activation and crash detection
  • 900mhz Wireless Mic Standard with up to one mile range
  • Full 3 year Parts Warranty
  • WiFi & 4 G monitoring options
  • Solid State DVR means No Moving Parts
  • Up To 256gb Of Secure Storage with Key Access
  • Excellent Low Light with Auto Switching
  • Up to 4 Cameras per vehicle with Full Simultaneous Recording


The 10-8 Video System was designed with some very important goals in mind:


Enclosed in an all metal casing, our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is designed specifically for mobile use. With no moving parts, it is able to withstand a much higher degree of bumps and vibrations than most of the higher priced systems on the market today. By eliminating all moving parts in the recording process, our system will still be recording during the critical times when you really need it.

Admissible Evidence

Defense attorneys will always want to attack video evidence. In particular, digital video that is recorded in a format that is easily manipulated on a computer. Our system records in a proprietary format that can not be manipulated with any commercial video editing software


Modular Design

By keeping the system modular in 4 small components, we have a system that is very easy to install and maintain. Should any of the 4 components fail or have a problem, it can be swapped out in a matter of minutes!



Our 10-8 Video System was designed for the small departments that do not have access to the kind of funding the larger departments have access to.


OSD Menu with included remote control
Password Security:
Administrator/User level account
Yes - On-screen real-time Speed and coordinates with Google Map on playback on our software
Crash Sensor:
Yes - triggered recording includes pre and post record
Signal loss from camera(s), active recording
Locking steel door covers storage media, log files saved
Pre/Post Recording:
User Definable
1-4 video feeds on screen. User definable

Arsenal DVR

  • Up to 4 channel simultaneous recording at up to 1080p @ 30fps
  • H265 Compression
  • 128GB Storage for triggered events
  • Optional SSD upgrade - up to 2TB - used for background recordings
  • MIL-STD-810G standard for shock/vibration up to 40G impact
  • Internal G-Sensor
  • GPS logging used during playback to track vehicle movement
  • WIFI for video offload at the end of shift
  • Automatic warmup of storage media in -40* weather
  • Operating temperature: -40*C - +80*C
  • Operating Voltage: 8V-36V - Eliminates damage from power surges/spikes
  • Onboard UPS provides 8-second power-off delay to prevent data corruption

Front Facing Camera

  • Sony IMX307 StarVis Sensor
  • 2MP 1080p max resolution
  • 3MP 4MM Crystal Lens
  • StarVis sensor provides accurate colors during the day and at night for more useable footage
  • Autoswitch to B&W with IR filter when required for ultra-low light images
  • 1/4x20 mounting thread in the case for easy mounting
  • Integrated sun shield to minimize glare

Interior Camera

  • Sony IMX307 Sensor
  • 2MP 1080P max resolution
  • 3MP 6MM Crystal Lens
  • 12 integrated IR emitters w/ light sensor
  • Integrated high sensitivity microphone
  • Integrated mounting bracket and 1/4x20 mounting thread allows for flexible mounting


Audio Input:
4 Channels. Wireless officer-worn microphone kit included as standard, interior cameras include an integrated microphone

Recording and Storage

Video Resolution:
Supports up to 4(Four) channels of 1080p AHD camera input
Video Coding:
Video Bit Rate:
Audio Bit Rate:
128GB Class 10 SDXC card included
Optional 2.5” SSD available - Capacities range from 240GB to 2TB


Alarm Input:
5 preset alarm triggers - Lightbar(trigger wire), Manual Switch(trigger wire), Wireless Mic, Crash Sensor(built-in G sensor), Speed Minder
2 Optional alarm triggers - Gun Lock(trigger wire), Optional Trigger wire

Wireless Communication

  • 5.8Ghz wireless card with 2(two) SMA connection ports
  • Built-in GPS module with 1(one) SMA connection port


Operating System:
Windows 8, 10, 11
Video feed, alarm status, map tracking, vehicle speed
Convert file to AVI or MP4

Dimensions & Electrical Specifications

  • 9.8 x 7.2 x 2.5 inches (248x184x61mm)
  • 8V-36V Input
  • 12V Output
  • ACC boot up over 6V
  • Alarm Voltage over 6V
  • Working Temperature between -40*F to 176*F (-40*C to 80*C)