Magnetic Mic Conversion Kit - Bulk Pack
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Magnetic Mic Conversion Kit - Bulk Pack

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Replace the conventional hang-up clip First, replace your conventional hang-up clip with a magnetic base piece—it easily retrofits into most standard mounting locations. Then, slide a slotted, metal disc over the hanger button on the back of the microphone.   Just get the microphone close and let it go Get the microphone close to the magnetic base piece. Then, just let it go, and the magnet guides the microphone into place. There’s no need to pull your eyes off the road to hunt for and fumble with a conventional hang-up clip.   Install within reach; not necessarily within sight Because you only have to get the microphone close to the holder’s base piece, you can put Magnetic Mic in spaces like the passenger side of the center console. It just has to be in a place that’s within the driver’s reach.   What's in the box? Metal shims (25) Magnetic base pieces (25) Slotted metal discs (1) Stainless steel machine screws (50) Stainless steel lock nuts (50) Stainless steel sheet metal screws (50) System grounding spring (25) Set screws (25) with complimentary hex wrenches (3)     Compatible with virtually any microphone We’ve tested Magnetic Mic with the most popular microphone manufacturers, including: Motorola Kenwood Harris Vertex Whelen Code 3 Federal Signal SoundOff Signal iCom Midland Hytera TYT And More…...