Secure-Idle Ignition Override System
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Secure-Idle Ignition Override System

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Secure-Idle was developed to meet the demand for increasing anti-theft devices. Our system has been thoroughly assessed and tested for over 20 years. By adding Secure-Idle to your vehicles, you will alleviate potential personal or company risks, rising insurance costs, liability, wasted time, and excessive manpower. Liability for leaving a cruiser unattended while on-scene is inherent to all departments. Increasing law enforcement, emergency, service vehicle and personal vehicle theft is reported daily and continues to rise. In most cases, the keys were left in the ignition with doors unlocked while emergency personnel were busy performing their duties. Paramedics report equipment, medications and medical items stolen from unlocked ambulances. Secure-Idle is a fail-safe method of guarding your vehicles from damage or theft. Secure-Idle also protects the lives and personal property of those you or your company are responsible for while on call. This is possible because Secure-Idle allows you to maintain complete control of all your interior vehicle equipment as the system remains fully engaged, including gun-racks. Simplified 3-Step Operation: Put the vehicle in park Push in the Secure-Idle button on your dash Turn the ignition off and remove key  Secure-Idle's memory sensing function allows the vehicle's engine to keep running. The engine and all accessories (emergency lighting, radios, heaters, air conditioners, defrosters, 4-way flashers, etc.) remain fully functional after the keys have been removed. To deactivate the Secure-Idle system just reinsert the key and turn the ignition to the on position. Patent No. 5,115,145  5/19/92 Select the model that works for your vehicle.